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Facial expression every girl knows

November 7th 2016 by

Very often we forget that our facial expressions are enough to express how you feel, especially when your saying something mean. Do you recognize yourself in any of these?

1. “Yeay, a hot guy has just entered the bar” face.
The GRAMMYs rihanna smiling wink clapping

 2. “I am gonna kill that b****!” face
angry mad little rascals crush can classic

3. “He loves me, but he still doesn’t know” face
CraveTV flirting flirt summer roberts batting eyes

4.  “Tonight is my night” face.

Game of Thrones emilia clarke daenerys targaryen khaleesi hbo

5. “OMG, my ex boyfriend” face. 

sex and the city i cant even over it cant even hbo

6. “What do you mean there is no Nutella?” face.

Sisters movie omg dead amy poehler

7. “I can’t believe she is kissing that s***” face

sex and the city

8. When ‘the guy’ doesn’t text back face

disney sad upset crying fall

9. When your ex is hooking up with an ugly girl, face

funny happy laughing laugh kate mckinnon

10. The “bitch please” face

bitch please meryl streep sunglasses devil wears prada





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