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April 27th 2016 by

It’s tough to find some time for yourself in our busy schedules. We work more than 8 hours per day, which is hard and tiring, but finding the strength of gearing up and working out is what helps you lead a healthy life, both physically and mentally. I have always been into sports, from swimming to basketball to ballet. However, ever since I moved to the UK, I must admit that I have found it hard to find some space into my busy life to routinely train and keep my body fit. Nevertheless, I have made a promise to myself; that my health will always come first above all and training is essential for your well-being. Now, I train at least twice a week from cardio workouts to boxing and yoga. Thanks to Sweaty Betty I feel even better about myself when training, as I can do so comfortably and fashionably. Check out their supportive and technical sports bra collection here.



Top: Sweaty Betty
Bottom: Sweaty Betty
Trainers: Nike


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