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Fitness Luxe

February 24th 2016 by

Whether you’re finding peace in a yoga class, or sipping coffee at Starbucks, the accepted attire for women is now the same – trainers and joggers. As sportswear becomes a permanent fashion feature, Sweaty Betty is the place to go to add a touch of casual luxury to your wardrobe.

Sweaty Betty offers branded gear across a variety of categories, from running and cycling to yoga and dance, enabling active women to get all the clothing they need from one shop. Because when we train, we don’t want only to look active, but actually be active and we want our clothes to be practical, but without compromising style.

Not only Sweaty Betty is up to now, one of the most comfortable sportswear I’ve ever worn, but they also look to create things that are fashionable that can extend throughout the day. So, why not embrace the multi-purpose functionality of athleisure beyond our yoga mat and wear it at work or for a stylish cup of tea with your girlfriends?





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