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“See you on PornHub” – Diesel

January 15th 2016 by

No, I am not kiddin’, Diesel is going to advertise its SS16 campaign on PornHub, Grindr and Tinder. Why? Because Nicola Formichetti, Creative Director at Diesel, knows where his consumers are and he wants to be there to attract them, launching for his SS16 campaign a sexy campaign which is already generating lots of buzz online.


Diesel has always be a fan for provocative campaigns and in the past years has proved to be very forward thinking when talking about digital; often serving as a great example for other fashion and luxury brands who were scared of entering the online and e-commerce world.

Ever since the very beginning, Diesel has always been recognized as a rebellious brand going against society conventions, especially promoting people’s differences; from race to body types to sexual orientation, celebrating these dissimilarities and valuing them as precious uniqueness’s. Diesel stands for a brand that allows everyone to be their true selves and this is why I love it (plus, it’s Italian and we all know that we do it better :)).

When Formichetti was appointed as Creative Director he was very keen in developing a strong online presence, aligning print and digital strategies into one, in order to send out one strong message about Diesel. Formichetti was and is still well aware that the world we currently live in is undergoing a radical transformation, and he was quick to realize that the offline and online can’t be separated any more – they have to be merged into one.

The SS16 campaign revolves around the idea of decoding digital trend and ironically making fun about the way that our generation behaves online; from online shopping addictions, to social celebrities, to fixation with selfies, likes, following and shares, featuring Gen X celebs like Joe Jonas and DNCE.


Diesel also created their own emoji to go along with the creative content. As I already discussed last year, emojis are now intrinsically part of our communication as this is how our generation communicate nowadays. Diesel embraced this universal trend and attempts to converse in today’s language.

When the right people and the right content was ready, the last and maybe most important point was to be choose the right place to be. The most popular sites are porn. Yes, and don’t be as surprised as you probably make use of them as well. Diesel will advertise on PornHub, which is currently the 64th most popular site globally, as they want to support the launch of their underwear line and the sexy image of the brand, Formichetti stated. It’s not finished though, Diesel will also be advertising on Grindr, the famous gay social dating app, and Tinder, another social dating app for all sexual orientations.

ps. he is a guy – no I am not kiddin’


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