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What Clothes to Wear for Every Type of Workout

January 13th 2016 by

We all feel a bit bloated after the holidays – it’s the same old story every single year. Why do we find it so hard to escape from temptations during the winter season? Before the break, you’ve probably promised  yourself (like every single year) that you would try to control the daily intake of sugars, avoiding to abound with festive food – however, just like I did, you probably felt rude leaving that massive and untouched pandoro all alone without giving it even a small bite.

Also this year, my temptations won over my common sense, but with the beginning of 2016 au revoir excuses, it’s time to get our bums back in shape. You might think that the bikini fitting is still far away from your problems but trust me, summer is just around the corner. So up, up – there’s no time like the present to get out and move your body. Whether an outdoor run or a relaxing hot yoga class is more your speed, an appropriate wardrobe for your preferred physical activity is of utmost importance. Below I’ve picked a selection of gym outfits from Farfetch.com that can incite you a bit more to get your bums moving!


If light and pale colours are your thing, then stick to a pastel palette for your workout outfit. Pick colours from different shades of pink to light blue and green.


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One-toned might be your thing – stick to one colour but contrast the outfit with a pair of trainers of a different bold colour.

Stella McCartney for Adidas:

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Want to wear what every model wears during their workout? See down the selection I’ve picked for you –  start by wearing the classic Calvin Klein bralette.

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If you want to keep it simple and avoid getting the colour combo wrong – go for a classic all black outfit. Not only it will make you look slimmer but it will also give you a “very professional” attire.

The inspiring fitness girls to follow on Instagram for workout tips, motivation and more.:

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If skinny leggings are not your thing – don’t panic, you can also find more baggy trousers to wear, followed by a cool baseball hat and fancy sneakers to complete the look. Let’s say that the overall outfit is more for the people who like to wear a tracksuit to pretend they actually go to the gym . (gotcha!)

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Sticking to just one colour is not your thing? Mixing colour either? Why not go for some interesting and fun patterns that will brighten up your workout.

adidas x Mary Katranzou:

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This is a collaboration post. 


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I love this workout outfit post!!!! Totally love it! I think I wanna exercise just because the outfit inspiration! hahahaha



That’s the whole point!!! Having a gorg sports outfit is always a good way to start exercising!

Mayfield Ngondonga

Love this ! like how you had something to suit every kind of person

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