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Every Dodo Tells A Story

December 3rd 2015 by

I’ve been wearing Dodo since a very young age. It signed most of the milestone in my life: it marked by 10th birthday, my diploma, my first love, my graduation. Dodo has been my first piece of jewelry, my first golden bracelet, my first pair of earrings. I have collected many charms over the years allowing me to remember the most important moments in my life and I am thrilled to tell you all about this unique brand and the incredible collaboration we have done together.

Dodo creates timeless pieces easy to modify and alter with time and change as you wish, allowing you to explore and add new designs and experimenting with your creativity. What I love the most about Dodo is that every charm tells a story, they are not simply charms, each one of them expresses a message of love and friendship between giver and receiver; it’s more than a luxury pendant, it is a message in itself. Giving Dodo to someone represents more than simply buying jewelry. It means sending and sharing a message. A simple one, but the right one.

Dodo is a brand that epitomizes creative freedom, a strong trait which the brand inherits from Pomellato. The Dodo story began two decades ago, when Italian jewellery brand Pomellato had the ingenious idea of expanding its range, using just one gram of gold to conquer younger generations. With the same style imprinting and creative freedom that has always distinguished the Italian Maison, Pomellato created Dodo “talking” animal charms.

Thanks to its different components and elements, the Dodo jewels can always be re-created every day. New elements can be combined with old ones in many different ways, and in this post I will show how to transform them according to your feelings and your outfits.  I will demonstrated how you can tell your story by mixing and matching the different Dodo elements and create the look that most represents your true self, your personal feelings and your desires.

I am excited to work with this incredible Italian brand, sharing how I have styled their jewelry and how to  create your own designs and wear them for different occasions. Stay tuned for more blog posts coming soon with more ideas and to hear all about the event that I will host with Dodo here in London.










Top: Loro Piana
Jacket: Stella McCartney (faux fur)
Sunglasses: Kyme Sunglasses, finaest.com
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Bag: Miu Miu
Bracelet, Earrings and Necklaces: Dodo

Photos by Aldo Silvestroni 


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