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Thank you Fendi: The Trevi Fountain is back

November 11th 2015 by

We have been waiting for this day for more than 17 months, well actually for several years; seeing the iconic Trevi Fountain in Rome restored back to its beauty. A big thank you goes to the House of Fendi that has founded the project. The videos below shows you a quick time lapse of the before and after the restoration.

I believe that this initiative gives great honour to Fendi. Italy is full of monuments and historic masterpieces which are regularly left to ruin with nobody looking after them. Especially in Rome, the so-called Eternal City, an open air archaic museum, is too often left to decay. I am proud that the House of Fendi decided to payback Rome. Not only is Rome the city of origin of the brand, but also its source of inspiration for many years. Restoring one of Italy’s greatest beauties and one of Rome’s utmost master pieces was a wonderful way of thanking it.


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Karen Morland

This is one of my most favourite places in Rome, when I lived there I would visit often but only once did a throw in a coin and make a wish and I’m thrilled to say it came true! I was even more delighted to take my then 3yo daughter to see the fountain a few years when we stayed in Rome and shared the iconic ritual with her too!

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