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You First, Always

October 29th 2015 by

We live in such a frenetic and hectic world that we often forget to listen to our body, to properly look after it. What makes us so unique and special? Our identity, our ecstatic self, our magic research for beauty.

YouFirst suspends time, it abducts and transports us back to our most intimate memories, our emotions, our desires, our aspirations, our dreams. A private world, deep, poetic, pure.

We often forget to dedicate some time to ourself. Start from today, dedicate at least one hour to yourself. Dedicate some time to your body. Fill up your bath tube and soak yourself in a cover of bubbles. Light up your candles and indulge your body inside the hot water, let every inch of your body relax, switch of your mind and just enjoy the perfume that swathes the room.

Play your favourite song and yell the words out loud, pour yourself a glass of wine. Today you are celebrating yourself, your life, your day, you are cheering to the time that you are finally dedicating to yourself.


Call your best friend, invite her home for a chat. Share together a beer, a laughter, your feelings. Dedicate this time to take care of each other.

Refresh together your body with a hydrating cream, let a symphony of perfumes pervade your senses, let it guide you towards a journey of self-interior discovery. This is what YouFirst does, the 3 exclusive scents available, transport you in another realm of spices, flowers, leaves, fruits that give birth to a magic potion, all hand crafted by an Italian nose. Helichrysum, the flower of immortality, activates this emotional experience thanks to its precious regenerating properties. Magic dusts, olfactory agreements and secret formulas, will bring to life your rebirth. Share this experience with your best friend to regenerate from a tiring week and from a devastating weekend.


Call your lover, tell him that you love him. This time, though, tell him in a different way. Say it an unexpected way. Share the YouFirst experience with him, rub each other back with the essence of Helichrysum. Regenerate your love, your emotions with the scents of YouFirst. Share your love in a unique, ultra sensational way.


Thank you Gabriele Tosi, the master mind behind YouFirst, for allowing me to experience your brand. Thank you for reminding me that it’s important to dedicate some time to ourselves every now and then. Thank you for regenerating me.

Did you want to feel the same? Shop at YouFirst.eu.


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