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Made for Walking

January 6th 2015 by

The New Year has begun already with its high and lows. I am still happily in love, the 1st of January granted us with a bold sun, I’ve put my feet on the slopes after 2 years of absenteeism and enjoyed the beginning of the month with my friends, my lover and my family. However, there has to be something to start the year to complain about, so here I go: I’ve also caught a flu, chesty cough and my legs are still in pain because of the effort I’ve put in looking my best on my skies. However, as my father always taught me, if life is made of only happy moments, we wouldn’t enjoy them as much. So, I must be happy that this sickness arrived at the end of the holidays, and that I enjoyed the rest of it.

My feet have now landed back to London, and the grey and foggy sky that saluted me from the window of my BA flight made me realize that, once again, vacations are over and won’t be back for a while. Minutes before landing at Gatwick Airport, I closed my eyes to recap my holidays- the time spent wandering the city Centre of Rome, the trips in the countryside near to the capital, the massive Christmas dinners, the endless Mont Blanc, panettoni and lentils. The days spent chatting with friends in the fresh, open air of the mountains, starring to the not so white mountain range. The anxiety I had at the end of the chair lift, at the idea of having to ski down the slope after 2 years of absence. The taste of the first hot chocolate of the year and the endless indulgence of hand made krapfen and marmalade biscuits. Boom-landed, back to reality! I opened my eyes and collected all my stuff before battling my way through the passport control.

I was gifted with these HIGHLAND Stuart Weitzman boots before my holidays. Finally my hassle to find a pair of over-the-knee boots with a mid-high heels is over, and I have to admit that it has NOT been a kids game. In this post, the set is within a Roman Villa that sits a little bit further away from the loud and busy city center. I had to attend a Christmas lunch with some old friends, so I wanted to look prettay! Thus, I went over to my best friend’s house to steal something from his mother (of course with permission). His mother and aunt, used to be models in the ‘80s, and fortunate for me, most of their wardrobe is made of Haute Couture pieces. They don’t wear any of these items anymore, so all of those lovely clothes were left for me to play with.

I chose a piece from Stefanini Haute Couture, a printed black and white mini skirt, to wear for the occasion. It shocked me to think that this skirt was designed 20 years ago and it’s still so contemporary. I then decided to combine textures and patterns by applying a lizard printed DVF blouse. To keep me warm, I added a cashmere mid length knitted sweater and of course to completed the look I added my over-the-knee boots. Let me know what you think of the overall!

IMG_4594 IMG_4596 IMG_4608


 IMG_4641 IMG_4680 IMG_4682

Blouse: Diane Von Fustenberg
Skirt: Stefanini Haute Couture
Sweater: Loro Piana
Boots: Highland, Stuart Weitzman
Bag: Chanel

Photos by Aldo Silvestroni


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