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Jingle Bell and Bags Rock

December 24th 2014 by

You literally have other 5 hours to make the last Christmas presents and your about to have a hysteric crisis because the city center will be packed and wandering around shops is the last thing you would like to do this evening. Your already insulting yourself for not having done presents before, and now making a present for your girlfriend and/or your best friend is your worst nightmare. Well, I’ll give you a last-minute idea that will simplify your life: buy a bag. Any bag will be fine, whether it’s a clutch, a tote, a backpack, a shoulder bag, a travel bag, but also beauty cases or any small leather bag that can be useful in some way. With a bag you can never get it wrong, especially when you don’t know what to buy. It does come in sizes, but in this case, it’s just a matter of taste and not a matter of fact. Forget buying a clothing item it’s always too hard, then maybe worn you realize it looks appalling, that the color might not be quite right, and that the size is actually wrong: definitely too complicated and time-consuming.

You could opt for something useful for the house, but come on, Christmas comes once an year, and the last thing your girlfriend wants, is to say to her pals that she received the latest set of Master chef knifes  for Christmas or a very ‘nice’ candle. What she wants, is to show off the amazing present YOU gave her, so you are going to give her a good one. Once again,  by her a bag. Bags live forever, thus a worthwhile investment. Here is a selection of this fall bags must have.


Olimpia Le-Tan


Edie Parker


Saint Laurent



Stella McCartney



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