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In My Little Italy

December 19th 2014 by



Dear Friends,

As the year is coming to a conclusion, the Christmas holidays are getting closer and the New Year is slowly approaching, I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas in advance. This time, however, not only from me, but from all my Italian friends based in London. Reason why, this blog post is called “In My Little Italy”. The post is focused fundamentally on the greek concept of “ἀβροσύνα ” ( abrosuna ), concept that greek poets, first of all Saffo, called “refinement”. Elegance, style and grace are values that are increasingly hard to find in people, especially in a woman. The purpose of this post is to show to everybody that the concept of elegance it’s still alive and as Princess Galitzine stated: “elegance is the last thing that dies”.

My dear photographer and friend helped me to recruit 8 exclusively Italian girls, that like me, are working and studying in London. I am proud to show you just a slice of the Italian community here in the UK’s capital and prove their elegance. This photographs will show you how their flair differs but how they all have a thing in common: style.

From Milan to Naples, from Rome to Venice, my dear friends have been able to show what it means to be essentially refined. Photographed in all contexts, between the streets of London, these girls have been captured in their daily lives, heading to a graduation party, to a marriage, to the university or rushing to the office.



Anna, Marketing and Management student, is wearing a one-of-a-kind dress which is not easy to wear, but her long-limbed figure allowed her to pull it off. For whoever said that Haute Couture is not for young women, Anna replies with a dress in organza from Maison Les Bhamarà, that reminds to the designs that Ferrè made in the 80s, when working for Dior. She then matched a pair of shoes from Blue Velvet and a Marc Jacobs shoulder bag.



Sveva, my dear sister, is a student of Business Studies, and to enhance her femininity wears an haute couture dress in chachemire, lace and velvet. The dress is made by the maison de couture Les Bhamarà. Sveva added a beautiful pair of Casadei shoes, and a handmade clutch in crocodile and sunglasses by Persol.



Ginevra, is a student of Psychology, and choosed to combine a classic Kelly Hermes to red velvet trousers from C’est La Vie and a black crop top from American Apparel. Proudly wearing a pair of shoes of the Tunisian Alaia, which further enhance her slender figure slender.



Julia, is studying Asian and Oriental Business, and is wearing an amazing and refined green lace dress by Balensi. This dress with a deep cut on the back, enhances Julia’s figure. She then combined a pair of Roger Vivier shoes, which were enough to make her look gorgeous.



Federica, is an Architect student, and in this picture demonstrates her love for simplicity, elegance and coordination of designs and colours. She is wearing a black jumpsuit from Aqua by Aqua with a Stella McCartney leather clutch with the base in wood. The sunglasses are from Prada, always on during a sunny day, and lastly, to slim her figure she added a pair of sandals by Miu Miu.



Vera, student in Marketing Management, is wearing a green jumpsuit from Zara, and combines the look with a pair of sandals by Roger Vivier. With this monochrome outfit, whilst she is calling a cab to rush at her appointment, she almost disappears in the green background of Chelsea.



Angela, is both a student and a worker. She is studying Economics whilst working in the Fashion business and combines the classic 2.55 Jumbo Chanel with an outfit from head-to-toe by Frankie Morello. All in black, adding a classic white blouse, Angela is ready to give her last exam before graduating.



Francesca, is a student in Business, Management and Finanza, and wears a Black/White jumpsuit from Topshop. She add a splash of colour to her outfit by adding a multicolour trapeze Celine bag and a comfortable pair of high heels from Sergio Rossi.

Hope you all had a good taste of our small fashionable Italian community! Merry Christmas to all!

Photos by Aldo Silvestroni


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