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Once you go LACO you never go back

December 4th 2014 by

laco cover collage

More or less 2 years ago, my mum decided to launch her very own shoe brand, Laco’s Collection.

Us girls we all have an item of clothing that we are most attracted to when shopping. Some of us could buy one coat after another and still feel like we never have enough, others have this with bags, my mum has this with shoes. Having said that, I was lucky enough to have the same size as her. Hint, I don’t think about it twice when asking her to lend me a pair or possibly give me one. Worst case scenario, I just sneakily put them in my suitcase and take them home with me (she lives in Vienna).

This is to say that she has used her passion to create something for herself. Her creations are a reflection of her being, classic and simple.

Laco’s Collection best seller is the Fricci line, women’s slippers with tassels.

All lines are named after us children, Fricci (Federico) is my 20 year old brother, Carolina is my 17 year old sister, and Penelope is my 11 year old Brown Labrador. Laco’s Collection also does Men’s slippers upon request. Women’s and Men’s slippers may be customised, special requests are to be discussed with my mum, you may contact her via email at office@lacoscollection.com.

The shoes are 100% Made in Italy, handmade in Tuscany by a little family-owned business. And because this project is a work in progress, from the order date, the shoes are sent out to the recipient within 3-4 working weeks.

I am proud to say that amongst our competitors, Laco’s collection shoes are the most comfortable. I know the production process is long, but it is a product worth waiting for. They are easily adaptable for day and night wear; an easy-chic, comfortable accessory for your feet.

I kindly invite you to have a look at the website:


or visit the Laco’s Collection Facebook Fan Page.

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