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Hats On, Game On.

November 22nd 2014 by

It’s been a really busy month. I have started a new Internship and the days just flew by so quickly, I hardly had the time to sit back. It has been really hard to coordinate my work with my blog, but I am trying really hard to do well in both. I have met a lot of lovely new people, I have learnt a lot and I still am. I have made new friends, I have visited so many new places, participated in crazy and one-of-a-kind events. I have discovered new passions and new talents, (for example my love for Photoshop), and so many new facets of the fashion world which were stranger to me previously.

This experience made me realize that I really do love the fashion industry, and that this is the place where I want to be in. I love every single piece of it, from the creation of a collection, to outcome of it, to the distribution, the PR, and all the effort that goes in to it. It is such an intrinsic world, full of complexities, but when you see how everything goes and flows together it gives you so much satisfaction. It’s a business like any other, I guess, but it mixes so much with creativity and art, that I believe it makes it better than any other business.
However, after the sum up of my life over the past month, today I am proposing to you a look that brings out my ‘dark’ side, and went for a comfy pair of leather leggings, paired with a glittery blue top covered by a black jacket with leather inserted sleeves. I matched the top with a hat and bag. The hat is absolutely amazing, and yep I bought in Zara, and every single time I wear it, I get amazing compliments, so yes you should buy it. This is a look you can go for every day, maybe not to work, but for drinks or for an easy cocktail party.

Have a lovely weekend!

IMG_2479  IMG_2536 IMG_2543 IMG_2567  IMG_2577

Top: Aridza Bross
Leggings: Zara
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Hat: Zara
Coat: Frankie Morello

Photos by Aldo Silvestroni


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M Vendramin Calergi

Giorgina complimenti!!! Ia giacca e il top sono pazzeschi, adoro l’accostamento!!! Xoxo MVC


OMG beautiful pictures.
Perfect game of lights.



love love love

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