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Why Do We Love Being TOMBOYS?

November 19th 2014 by

What is it with us girls, that we love so much stealing our boyfriends or daddy’s wardrobe? Why do we love baggy sweaters, boyfriend jeans, over-sized blazers and moccasins? Is it wrong to define these type of clothes only for men, or is there in an unconscious reason we like to wear them? Is it because we feel more empowered when we are dressed as tomboys because we get our manly side outside? I think this might be one of the reasons, I like dressing up like a man because I feel like man will then take me more seriously. I feel more confident, more comfortable, but still sexy. So what do you think? Do you like sometimes dressing up in a manly way? What is your tomboy look must have? What is the item that you most often steal from your daddy or boyfriend?

Ps. Mine is definitely sweaters and hats



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