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Do you want to be a Barbie girl?

October 17th 2014 by

Should fashion be wearable or a custome? I honestly don’t know how to answer this question anymore because as I see more runways and the new collections coming out, I ask to myself: who would wear that? Frankly, I would like to ask to many designers who their target market is. We all already know that only 1% of the world population can afford to buy their clothes at the price they charge, but from that 1%, who can really wear them? Let’s talk about the new collection by Moschino. Everybody was like; “Wow, I loved the collection, I love Barbie”. Well of course everybody loves Barbie, we all grew up with them, Barbie is like everyone’s role model (and please don’t say it’s not true), she has perfect long and thick blonde hair, perfect blue eyes and faultless white teeth. A Curvy body, with the ideal boob size and a coconut Brazilian booty that every person dreams of. But apart from that, would we all like to be a super-sized Barbie? Is this the idea that Jeremy Scott was trying to send us, that our ambition as women is to be perfect and look like Barbie’s? Should we just care about our physical appearance to be cool and trendy?

When I watched the runway, I changed my mind on wanting to be perfect as a Barbie. I looked at these super skinny models whom attempted to look like one, only that their boobs were super-sized with cotton and their bums were flat. They had these massive blonde wigs, followed by this bold pink lipstick, and tried to walk like Naomi Campbell in the ‘80s, but something was so wrong: elegance was missing. I understand we now live in this pop culture, were designers love extravagance, being over the top, but unfortunately designers we are not all pop-stars, we don’t all have Miley Cyrus body (and budget), and don’t have so many parties where we can twerk around with our tiny winy pink leather outfits. So my question goes back to: should fashion nowadays be wearable, and represent woman and to make them feel comfortable in their skin? Or is it a custome or fashion statement? And if it is a fashion  statement: what was Jeremy’s Scott statement?

Let me know your thoughts girls! Can’t wait to hear from you!

Fashion Illustration by Luigi Spanò

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