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All’s Fair in Love & Wardrobe

September 30th 2014 by

This book is for all girls you have ever wanted to live the life of a fashion editor, and especially date like one. Well, Stephanie Simons is ready to teach you, since she has been editor-in-chief of Black Diamond Living and then started working as a fashion journalist and copywriter for magazine like Cosmopolitan and InStyle. But enough about her bio, and be ready to emerge yourself in this awesome book of rules that will guide you to learn how to date like a professional fashion editor, deal with champagne hangovers, and with what to wear on first dates and when going to bed.

I have taken some extracts from the book which made me smile the most and to give you a small glimpse of what to expect within “All’s Fair in Love & Wardrobe”.

 Immagine jeans people you adore rule 58 rule n°36


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