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Marè Verve

August 12th 2014 by

If you’re bored of wearing sandals, and you can’t stand everyone having your same, identical espadrilles, don’t worry Marè is your solution. Marè is a new brand designed by two talented and young Italian lads, whom created a shoe perfect for every occasion, whether it’s the beach or a fancy party. The brand came up when travelling around the world and being fascinated by the different fabrics they found in India, Thailand and Peru. They decided to create something unique from these materials merging their Italian style to faraway fabrics, producing not only shoes but also backpacks and t-shirts . They are only at the beginning of this amazing experience, but I am sure they will be able to make us day dream around the world with the different products they are about to surprise us with. Follow @themareverve on Instagram to follow their journey around the globe and to be featured on their page wearing Marè wherever you are!

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Top: Marè
Shorts: Levis
Belt: Uno de 50
Shoes: Marè
Earrings: Biffoli
Watch: Swatch
Backpack: Marè
Sunglasses: Solar, Dior

Photos by Aldo Silvestroni


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