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Surrealist Dreams

May 30th 2014 by

Finally, these are the last days of revision for my last exam. London is getting quieter. People are packing and leaving, some are leaving forever, somebody still don’t know what they will do, whether they will come back or spend some of their time wandering the world, in search for the inspiration on what to do about their lives to eventually come. Whilst I am still here, saying goodbye to all my friends, scared that the ones which will travel back home overseas, won’t come back for a long time. There is a melancholic air, the typical crisis of the graduates. The pubs are starting to be emptier, motivation is starting to get lower and lower, but I need to gather my strength to finish with a big applause my last exam. And whilst everybody is day dreaming about the future, I propose to you another outfit from Pull&Bear. It’s simple, black, but fresh and young. To give some happiness to these grey days, as always, I started dancing around and releasing some of the stress, by taking out some of my old ballet poses. Enjoy! xx

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Outfit from Pull&Bear:

Photos by Aldo Silvestroni


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I must get those shoes. So adorable!

I love your look! Great! 😉

Thank you so much!

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