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Pink and Flowers

May 26th 2014 by

In the Surrealist Manifesto, André Breton wrote, “I believe in the future resolution of these two states — outwardly so contradictory — which are dream and reality, into a sort of absolute reality, a surreality, so to speak, I am aiming for its conquest, certain that I myself shall not attain it, but too indifferent to my death not to calculate the joys of such possession.” He continued, “For the time being, “my intention has been to see that justice was done to that hatred of the marvellous which rages in certain men, that ridicule under which they would like to crush it. Let us resolve, therefore: the Marvellous is always beautiful, everything marvellous is beautiful. Nothing but the Marvellous is beautiful.”

The question was how find this “superior reality,” how to get to the unconscious part of the mind, always guarded by the waking disciplined mind. Often with the aid of drugs or alcohol, Surrealists poets and writers would play games to bring the unconscious mind to the surface. Artists had long used dreams, visions and their own inner reality as a source for making art.  For the artists, the mind, could be a source of artistic inspiration. For Freud, the unconscious is structured like a language that cannot speak its name. Due to the rigors of socialization, primal desires are suppressed and base instincts are repressed. However, the mind has its own economy and that which has been buried must be expressed through displacement and transference, or through substitution. This part of the mind is doomed to indirectness but is compensated by a surplus of poetry and metaphors. The result is a transformation of the unreachable primal script into a metamorphosis, which collapses reality and dream (Dr. Jeanne S. M. Willette ). 

The photographer and filmmaker, of the SS14  Pull&Bear campaign, dived into a surrealist journey to interpret the new styles. It is quite easy to envision the idea’s behind the making of the campaign, and to enter a “superior reality” by walking through a collection which gets inspiration from the ‘50s and ‘90s, taking portraits of the American youth. Take a sneak peek of their collection in this post, and don’t worry there are still others to come!

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15 16


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Outfit: Pull & Bear
Watch: Daniel Wellington

Photos by Aldo Silvestroni


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