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Mixing textures and patterns

May 10th 2014 by

What makes me laugh of London’s weather? Every single time I am under exams the weather is amazing, the sun rises and shines and temperature gradually raises during the day, hitting 17°C. It’s lovely to see people in the streets walking in t-shirts, enjoying the sunshine, whilst I am locked inside the house trying to find a solution to global climate change. Bored of my day, I went off to my usual walk around the streets of London, took out my Isabel Marant for H&M awesome jeans, my Zadig & Voltaire golden point boots, my headband, and off I went. Let’s say I tried a unusual combo of patterns together, but I liked it. The best part, was when I found the tractor abandoned in a little lane. This was the fun part of the day, yeah, quite dum, but unfortunately this is what it takes to pass exams! But motivation and being strong is my motto, still three exams to go, and then FREE from UNIVERSITY!

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7 8



Jacket: Zara
Top. Raya Shop
Trousers: Isabel Marant for H&M
Bag: Madmacarena
Shoes: Zadig & Voltaire

Photos by Aldo Silvestroni


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