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LA LA Land

May 8th 2014 by

You will hardly see me listening to music, and most of my friends can’t understand how I can live without playing music 24/7, all day long. The thing is that music is constantly playing in my mind, it might sound weird but this is what goes on in my brain. This is the reason why in most pictures you see my doing silly poses, because I persistently dance to the rhythm played in my psyche. You might think I am crazy (as most of my friends do, especially when I improvise my groove moves in the middle of the street), but this is how I release my stress, my preoccupations, it’s my sort of mantra. When I walk around London, I love hearing the sound of what is around me, look at the people that fanatically run around screaming at phones, listening to music, updating their Instagram accounts, but I don’t want to close myself into another world. Sometimes, I feel that nobody is actually watching into people’s eyes anymore, that nobody cares about what is happening around themselves. Everybody is listening to THEIR music, with his or her headphones, automatically entering in another realm. Sometimes I would like to have a worldwide remote control and press pause for a second, and let everyone hear the music I hear, and maybe start grooving with me. How many times I started laughing in the metro thinking about it, imagine all of the serious and stiff people reading their Kindle or the latest BBC news on their tablet, pausing for just 10 seconds from their daily routine and dancing around with their suites. Just for a minute, they would remember that there is more going on in life, than being attached to a screen. I am the first person which lives on social networks, but when I can, I try to remember to myself that there is an outside world, other than the virtual world we now live in. I do so by trying to grab someone’s gaze and smile to a stranger, chatting to the women with her baby, sitting in the metro or with the newsvendor which gives me my daily dose of fashion magazines. After having expressed my feelings, probably due to the horrible rainy weather of today, I propose to you another total white outfit. I am getting used to seeing myself in white, despite the pale tan, which doesn’t look so bad after all. Let me know what you think about it, and after having read this post, play for once the music in your head and groove around in your LA LA Land!

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Top: Front Row Shop
Trousers: Maison Martin Margiela
Belt: Hermès
Shoes: Isabel Marant
Bag: Hermès

The Hermés Birkin Bag is from Designer Exchange.

Designer Exchange
5 Egerton Terrace,
London, SW3 2BX
Photos by Aldo Silvestroni


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