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May 6th 2014 by

Never had those days, where your closed inside your home studying for exams, and wanted to go out under the sun and breathe some air. Maybe pull out something more glamorous than your track suit and your geek sunglasses? Well this is one of my days, I’m over gym wear and looking at myself in the mirror and looking absolutely horrible. I had to wear something for only 10 minutes which made me feel prettier. Of course, I want for black as usual, I’m sorry I really can’t get over it. To add some light, I covered myself with golden bracelet cuffs and a golden clutch. Presumably, this outfit is not the best for a refreshment walk, but more for an elegant dinner, but who said you can’t be elegant also for a walk?

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Dress: Brandy & Melville
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Wait & See
Bracelet: Osanna Visconti di Modrone

Photos by Aldo Silvestroni


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love the outfit!

love the outfit:)

Love your dress!

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