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Permanent Vacation

April 25th 2014 by

Throughout this post, I am wearing the new season of Ç x Façonnable, designed by Mira Mikati. The entire collection was inspired by this idea of permanent vacation, this thought that happiness comes from being barefoot on the grass, breathing clean air and laughing with your friends. My idea of happiness is: singing and dancing barefoot whilst San Pietro stares at me distantly, but never taking its gaze away from me. The vibrant colours of this new Façonnable’s collections recaptures the blue’s of the sky and the yellow of the sun. The brand’s iconic blue and white stripe blouse have been given a fresh new look with colourful bumble bee’s and beetle prints. And the bomber jacket? You cannot not fall in love with it, it comes embroided with roses and vines which creep up the collar while ladybugs and spiders scuttle along the sleeve.

Click here to view Ç x Façonnable Lookbook

Throughout the post you will see me holding a juice. Unless you’ve been living away from any kind of media, you will certainly know that green juices are the hottest new way to a hotter body. If you want to give your body a break, and you feel run down, groggy or just in need for some serious goodness, these cold-pressed juices full of dark green, leafy vegetables and little else will pump up your energies. Well you’ll see my reaction in the pictures! Now I basically can’t live without my imbibe, everywhere I go I bring it with me. You never know when you ran out of energies, so from one class to another, from a meeting to another, inbetween a squat and another, a sip of Imbibery will give me the power I need.

Imbibery London is the result of two best friends who Imbibe with love and laughter, style and swagger. Lily and Meryl met at university in the U.S. and moved from N.Y.C. to London where they longed for accessible cold-pressed juices and nut mylks. After many European adventures and the subsequent need to detox, they decided that if the only way to get a cold-pressed juice—without committing to a full cleanse—was to make it themselves, that’s what they would do. Jet and Re-Set was born.

The Imbibery Team takes extensive measures to ensure that it not only gets the best produce available, but also that its vegetables, fruit, nuts, and other ingredients have come from the safest and most sustainable environments. Imbibery’s values align with those of farms that properly utilize natural resources and follow agricultural best practices. To that end, Imbibery has chosen to source its produce and nuts from farms which are certified by GlobalGap. GlobalGap is a worldwide organization that governs the practices of farms. It oversees the sustainable and healthy growth of its farms’ crops and guarantees that the produce is disease-free. GlobalGap certifies both organic and conventional farms. As Imbibery London’s final product is raw and unpasteurised, it is of the utmost importance to the Imbibery Team that the best product available is sourced.

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Imbibery has several options for how you can Imbibe. You can Cleanse, receive a daily Juice Pack, or pick up an Imbibery London Juice at various stockists at:

The Box Boutique in Chelsea (104 Draycott Avenue SW3 3AE)
The Mount Street Deli (100 Mount Street, W1K 2TG)
Spianata (3 Hay Hill, W1J 6AS)
If you wish to receive your daily dose of Imbibe directly at home or work email at Imbibery@ImbiberyLondon.com!


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