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Postcards from ROME

April 19th 2014 by

When the sun rises and shines on Caput Mundi, I stretch out under the first rays of the sun to say goodmorning to San Pietro. “Goodmorning” replied the dome, standing still and impeccable showing all of its marble white reflections under the touch of the sun. Next stop breakfast, how much I missed having a pure Italian Cappuccino in England. I get dressed with a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans, t-shirt, sunglasses and Castroni attends me. After my skinny cappuccino with double sugar, I purchase in the store all kind of chocolates, whether it’s chocolate eggs, bunnies, or sweets. It’s Easter I’m excused. Whilst I fill my hands and stomach with these treasures, I walk through the centre of the city.





Next stop is LesBhamarà Haute Couture Atelier. A friend of mine was attending me there, it was time to day dream in some long ball dresses and find something cool I could steal from him. Look what I found, this jacket is hand made and one of a kind, unfortunately I couldn’t run away with it!






I met up with my family in Piazza Navona and from there we moved towards Campo de Fiori. As soon as you enter the square your overwhelmed by people, colours, odours of flowers, pizza, fresh meat. People screaming in the attempt to grab tourists attention to sell their products. We headed towards our first stop: the greengrocer. The smell of the fresh oranges and strawberries already made me happy, we filled paper bags with fresh tomatoes, oranges, salad, pears, apples and beans. I missed this, I missed the markets, contracting the price with the seller, laughing with my family, trying the fruit in the middle of the streets. Second stop: admire the multitude of flowers perfectly organized in the market. Third stop (and most important), head to the Forno and get a piece of pizza. I have tried thousands of pizza in my life, but trust me that just one bite of THAT pizza will make you go nuts. They say RedBull makes you fly, but this pizza brings you directly to heaven! Convincing me not to purchase the entire place was hard persuasion.





The wandering for today was enough, see you tomorrow. XOX from ROME!



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