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Going Green

April 18th 2014 by

Finally I flew back to my origins, Rome. The most wonderful city in the world. When the sun rose and 18°C were hitting the streets, it was time for a walk around the centre of the capital. What I love about Rome is that whatever road you take, even if you don’t know the city, your never lost, because you will always end up in front of something unbelievably astonishing. Rome is hard to forget, but it is also hard to accept. No matter for how many years I passed in front of these worldwide renowned beauties, you can’t get enough of them. You can stare these beautifully made creatures for entire days and you will never get enough. The perfection of each monument against the blue sky with the sun hitting  your face, gives me pure happiness. To explore my hometown, I went for a total green outfit and kept it simple. Nothing else but this beautiful Kelly and a pair of velvet frulane. XOX from Rome.

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Top & Bottom: LesBhamarà Haute Couture
Bag: Kelly, Hermès
Shoes: Furlane

Photos by Aldo Silvestroni


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