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Midi Skirt

April 14th 2014 by

Are you a midi-skirt type of girl? I have always been a little bit sceptic about this type of skirt cut, because I am always afraid that instead of making me seem all nice and long, it will cut my leg. I think that to nail midi skirts, you NEED to know how to wear them, and until know I haven’t been inspired at all. After searching for some inspiration on the net, though, I must say that I gathered quite a bit of encouragement and maybe soon you’ll see me wearing one. I would rather go for a more voluminous one though instead than a pencil skirt. I would however, recommend for shorter girls to go for the pencil type, in order to highlight your body, but not cutting your leg! Moreover, I would extremely encourage you to wear ballerina’s or décolleté heels, so that it gives further extension to your leg, instead of wearing closed shoes which will only shorten your legs (unless you have extremely long legs, in that particular case your excused!). If you have attempted wearing one, let me know how you mixed and matched it!






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good advice, especially about the shoes! I usually go for a traditional pencil skirt with a contemporary twist by partnering it with socks and sandals but I’ll be sure to give your new ideas a try.

Some are nice…other are not lol xo

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