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April 13th 2014 by

‘Basta!’ in Italian means I had enough, and I was complaining to my photographer/friend, that I had enough about posing, I am not a natural poser, I like smiling and laughing in my pictures, as you might have noticed. I am not a model, I just want to picture my outfits, not pull out a sexy face. I want to show my true person in this picture, I want them to be fun, I want you to smile or laugh when you see my silly faces. So after my declaration, lets move to the outfit. I would recommend this for work. It’s simple but studied in the details. If your bored of wearing always the same white blouse, add a high waisted belt and some necklaces to revolutionize it a bit. Check out how I did it!

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Top: Zara
Leggings: Bershka
Belt: Stefanel
Shoes: Joseph
Bag: Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton Bag is from Designer Exchange.

Designer Exchange
5 Egerton Terrace,
London, SW3 2BX
Photos by Aldo Silvestroni


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