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All you need is Blazé

April 5th 2014 by

Born in Britain in the early nineteenth century, the blazer is one of the oldest and most rigorous uniforms of all time, universally recognized as a chief symbol of elegance, but still easy to adapt according to the occasion.

In the years following the World Wars, in the fashion world there wavered a general fancy for a more masculine style, of which Gabrielle Chanel was no doubt the reference point taking possession of the blazer, but rearranging it to the feminine silhouette.

This great classic is the reason for Blazè, a new fashion project designed and carried out by three Italian fashion editors, Corrada, Delfina and Sole, all three of them lovers of this garment, so discreet, so iconic, but adaptable to infinite interpretations. Fascinated by its long history and the many interpretations that have been dreamed up, they have designed a garment that combines the elegance of the exterior with the functionality of its interior.

Blazè is not seasonal and does not follow trends, but it captures their essence. The collections are timeless. The research of fabrics has one clear purpose: to evoke the elegance of the past without being trapped in it, with rigorous materials created by the greatest weavers in Europe. Blazè is’ a true 24/7. Each Blazè jacket, entirely hand-made by Italian craftsmen of the highest level in the heart of Milan and only to order, is customizable with one’s initials, with the possibility of choosing both color and font to make one’s blazer even more unique. Each Blazè blazer is numbered on the inside and together with the classical collections always available, there are also some small capsule collections in a limited and exclusive edition.

Nothing more can be said, so just take a look at the blazers below!

Blazé London 1



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