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From Paris with Love

February 13th 2014 by

Why not anticipate Saint Valentines by one weekend? On the 8th of February, I finally managed to take a break from chaotic London, and catched a train to Paris! I wrote a quick sum up of the places I reccomend to visit for a short weekend, where to shop, where to eat, where to walk, which museums. If you do have some recommendations for the next time, please let me know!

I love walking around cities because I believe this is the true way to discover new places. I like getting lost in streets and find myself in places which with a map I would have never found. On my first day in Paris, I started my walk from Le Palais de L’Elysée, up to Rue du Saint-Honoré. I reccomend this high street, for anyone interested in luxury brands, there is absolutely every possible brand from Hermes, to Chanel and Valentino. From Rue du Saint-Honoré, I ended up at Musée du Louvre. Carrying on from there, I entered the parallel street to Rue de Rivoli.

image (23)

From Rue de Rivoli, I ended up to the Centre of Pompidou. It’s compulsory to go inside because the view from above is something unbelivably amazing and the art works inside as well.

photo (9)


image (26)

If you would like to eat on top of Paris, I reccomend George, the restaurant within the Pompidou for a quick club sandwich!


I would then suggest to take a quick shopping around the Centre of Pompidou, if your interested into gadgets and affordable jewelry. I found some gorgeous midi rings and ear cuffs. If you carry on to Rue de Temple, it is full of vintage shops. (Remember always bargain for the price, you can always get lower).

If you want to go for drinks before dinner, go to Cafe de Flore. It’s a typical french bar in Saint German and then you can go for dinner at Ralph’s, Ralph Lauren’s resturant which is always in Saint German. It has a very basic menu, but the place is very romantic and the food is excellent.

image (29)


The second day, I went to Pl. du Trocadéro, and then walked until the Eiffel Tower.


image (35)


From there we walked to the Grand Palais and then the Petit Palais. If you want to go for a tea around 5 pm, I do advise Angelina on Rue de Rivoli, where they make the best hot chocolate and cakes I have EVER tried. For dinner we went to Brasserie Lipp, always in Saint German, which is a typical french brasserie, with excellent meat selection.


On the last day, we went to the Basilique du Sacré Coeur, it’s the highest point in Paris and you can watch the entire city from above. Unfortunately we couldn’t go to watch the sunset because we had to catch the train back, but I guess it would have been amazing. Right at the top of the hill there is a secret museum where you can see paintings of Picasso and Utrillo. From there we went back to Saint German for a shopping tour.

From there, we head off for a quick lunch at Le Castiglione Café in Rue de Rivoli, and then ran after the train back to London!

image (24)


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